The American Red Cross


Originally written: 11/96

Pain like this strikes me closer to the heart than I'd like to admit.
To meet perfection and then to lose it leaves a tear in the heart too broad to mend.

Actions and words are not to blame. Nor are persons or places. Time and circumstance, those are the bandits. Those are that which work against a person. And those are that which one must overcome.

To overcome is not to win, but to gain a chance to meet perfection yet again...

Thoughts of an Emotion

Random thoughts/quotes/verses written over the years... They're mainly opening lines to things not yet written...

"As the sea grass entwined itself between his feet, he raised his head and basked in the early morning sun. The crisp breeze swirled his locks of walnut shaded hair as he..."


"She sat in the white withered chair on slowly sipped her tea as she rocked gently back and forth. She silently hummed a tune in time with the silver windchime hanging above her head."


"... for in the silence of a man's thoughts he can get lost. Thoughts circling around his memories swirl through his mind and lose him in their vastness. The mind is an immense plane with no conscious boundaries; stretching out, surpassing all thoughts and emotions..."


"For when a person forgets who he is or where he came from, he is no longer a person, but merely a shell of a boy posing as a man, yet relishing no true emotion. For it is in the memory of a person where exists his soul; his life. When that memory is extinguished, so his existence diminishes and gradually fades away..."


"The biography of an unknown boy; a boy unknown to family, friends, even himself."


"Moments of truth float through the span of our lives in capsules surrounded by words of sincerity. In them are held the precious memories of childhood. Each moment is a treasure of such emotional value that it is not secure in a safe, but rather, in the mind. And when their time comes, they dissolve into our beings and flood us with nostalgia of times past but not forgotten; and ever still as precious as the moment of occurrence..."


"Irony is one of the main points of life. It makes for interesting conversations and depressing situations. It makes an otherwise good day into a miserable day. And the irony of irony? You never know when it's going to happen..."


"Why is it creativity is spontaneous and not planned?"

Fall Foliage

Originally written: 10/94

Once green, but now a different hue;
flaming colors atop a backdrop of blue.

Swaying in with the tempo of the wind,
clinging fast to its partner's limb.

Time of year for things to shift;
leaves sweeping upward in a breezy lift.

Cradled in the caress of the breeze;
morning frosts over them to freeze.

Miles high from the distant ground;
humming in tune to a silent sound.

Singing Fall's foliage song;
drifting notes before long.

Like discarded verses they float;
down to form a moat,
around the castle's base;
covered in bark from place to place.

Life on top soon will cease;
to fly down below and lie in peace.

Brilliant colors fading fast;
flaming colors never last...

Nature Untitled 1. Acorn

Originally written: 10/94

Small seed from which life shines forth,
bursthing through with Nature's force.

Dropping from tree to sink into ground,
burrowing beneath with the silence of sound.

Holding tight to the earth,
grasping tight; about to give birth.

Little seed with so much strength,
giving birth to tree at any lenghth.

Derived from tree,
give back a tree.

The greatest recycler is Nature...

My Late Night Girlfriend

Orginally written: 6/92

I look at my clock; the face says ten.
It's time to call my late night girlfriend.

I'll tell her things I've wanted to express for quite a long time;
speaking to her, silently wishing she were mine.

Long time ago I told her things I really meant,
but somehow though, time just came and went.

Thoughts of her are on my mind;
images and memories flash from time to time.

Her to be mine, is all I desire;
so many things to tell her before I retire.

To bed to dream and to bed to sleep;
dreams of her in my mind I'll keep.

Blocked hidden away in the depths of my brain;
slowly collecting, like drops of rain.

In my mind I reach for her hair,
and in a moment she's gone, like a whisp of air.

She knows not how I feel,
and if she did, she'd think it not real.

The feelings I've had, I'll always hold,
until that time when I've become bold.

To say exactly what I feel,
and let her know that it's all for real.

The way that I am, is the way that I'll be,
until the final day that she's with me.

Until that day, I'll hold my true feelings and just pretend,
and call her, my late night girlfriend.